City-Wide Themes and Threats

Theme Aspect Face Concept
Native Separatist Movement English Go Home Ionotady Hagas Firebrand
Disappearing Underclass Can Lose Yourself in Montreal Constance Marshon Madam to the Elite
Heterogeneous Culture Groups Don’t Mix Hong Phat Hong Kong Business Tycoon

The Balance of Power, The Status Quo

Supernatural 3 different faerie courts contesting the control and direction of the city, Lycanthropes have entered into the Biker Gang Wars
Mundane Quebequois run the city, Large economic boom driven by investors from Hong Kong and other Asian countries, Biker Gang war is still prevalent

Movers and Shakers

Who Wants to Maintain the Status Quo Who Wants to Rock the Boat
In the Dark?
In the Know?


Dresden: Montreal doktorhavok