Dresden: Montreal

Zombie Stomp

Adam aka Archard Le Roche was visiting his friends brothel when we met face to spirit with some ghostly clown form (with an asian aspect) that floated high in the air. The ghostly clown pronounced ‘Shame’ on Adam, who was stricken with self loathing knowing that had he had a grandmother, she would have been ashamed of Adam.

Adam braced himself and tried to fight off the affect of the ghost and remove the spirit from the brothel. Adam managed to remove the spirit and then found out that the spirit had arrived in the morning and had been harassing Madam Boucheux. Boucheux mentioned that the Chinese had kept coming around so the implication was there that the Chinese Tong were not leaving the smaller businesses in the area around.

Virgil and Henri ditched Henri’s car in a treed area outside of the busy city areas. The gang all meet up and get Adam up to date. Adam takes the group to the Madam’s brothel for counsel.

Virgil managed to do some reconnoissance via air ducts inside the Moonlight Lounge. He found that the nightclub was full and music was playing on the main level where there were still dancers enjoying themselves. In the lower level Virgil found that there was a room where people were kept in captivity that smelled of blood and feces. He witnessed people being ‘eaten’ by vampires but was unable to find out the location of Clarise primarily because the lights were turned off or too dark for him to make anything out.

Dumpster Diving for Clarice

Moonlight Lounge showed up on Clarice’s car’s GPS as a location that she had frequented. Henri Giroux also tracked down were Daniel, the security guard lived at 1212 Deveroux, Apt. #235 Lothar, Quebec, Canada and finally receives Daniel’s phone number. Daniel explained that he will need some things from Best Buy to facilitate his hacking into his sister’s computer. Keoki is directed to go with him while Virgil returns to the Giroux estate so work up some thaumaturgy.

Henri casted a divination and located his sister through a type of protection at a bar called the Moonlight Lounge. Virgil is asked to drive Henri to pick up Keoki and find out what Daniel has gleamed from Clarice’s computer. At a stop light a zombie drops onto the hood of the car. Virgil punches the ignition, throwing the zombie’s punch, aimed at the windshield, off enough to break and throw the zombie from the hood of the car. Virgil then punched the ignition and drove over the zombie, and was struck by incoming traffic. Managing to regain control of the car, Virgil managed to keep from crashing but had to stop before running into a wall. The zombie chased and through a series of mishap driving rolls the zombie managed to regain a grip onto the hood and attempt to punch the windshield again. During the scene, Henri managed to use his magic and blast the zombie to pieces after a number of rounds. The zombie had symbols written on him in plaster. After having killed the zombie, Henri told Virgil to throw the body into the trunk while Henri took a sample from the corpse.

Henri drew a magic circle around the corpse to break the bond the zombie would have had to a supposed Necromancer.

Moonlight Lounge has been around for over a century. Always called the Moonlight Lounge but has gone through various owners and managements. Webpage shows it as a dance place, big name celebrities will perform there, etc. It is open from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Henri reached out to Jenni and plans on using the Necromancer connection to garner some support when he moves on the Vampire coven.

Breaking up a Wedding

Henri Giroux gave us the info on what he knows of Red Court Vampires and expressed his need to break up the wedding between his sister and Martin.

Some young men enter into Virgil presenting Henri a flower arrangements made out of tulips. A representative of Martin was instructed to deliver this gift basket to Henri. Mangos from his home village, Saragossa. Found out after the fact that they, too, were Red Court Vampires. Virgil interceded the ‘gift’ and saw that some napkins were bound with a silver ring and a gold ring inset with gems but Henri told him to leave it alone and then afterwards burned the gift basket.

Gift basket, loaded with lotions, white tulips, white chocolates. Some napkins/papers with silver rings, one of the napkins has gold ring laden with gemstones. Keoki went out with the 4 red court vampires to take them out on the town.

Excelsior Apartments, 10th floor – Clarise’s Apartment. Looked for clues of her where-abouts. Found that her car keys were there, purse and phone were missing. No sign of struggle tho some jewelry was missing. Virgil then mentioned the rings that were in the gift basket so Henri felt he’d need to get someone to sift thru the garbage and find the rings. Checked out her car and found nothing, tho Virgil did check up the GPS system and get a list of addresses where the car was located.

Bro's and KO's

Henri received a call from his brother-in-law-to-be, Martin. Martin wants to improve his relations with Henri and the family. He asked that maybe they can all get together an have dinner some time. Following the conversation Henri gets a call from his brother who is also interested in why Martin seems to be so interested in the family business. Rick, a family lawyer, is very interested in having Martin become a member of the family business so Henri’s brother asked if Henri could use the ‘family religion’ to see if Rick had been compromised in any way.

Keoki had a boxing match with his God Maru. Maru was a formidable opponent and made sure Keoki new his human form was not to be reckoned. Maru was upset that Keoki allowed the demon woman to take his powers. He claimed that she would use his ‘mojo’ for things that he did not want his power to be used for.

Mary, a witch, took an interest in Virgil after having dropped her drink. She was forward enough to ask how to contact Virgil and so he made sure she had Archard’s restaurant’s phone number.

Archard was approached by a chinese man who offered Archard an expensive vase and a case of gold coins as peace offering to keep Archard out of the chinese turf. Archard turned it down on the basis of morality. Virgil and Archard had a conversation pertaining to ethics and money. Archard staunchly defended his stance not to be bought off but was not able to convince the young street urchin that ‘selling out’ for over a million dollars was not without its benefits.

Henri found out that any relationship with a Red Court Vampire is cause for penalty by the white mages. After finding out the extent of the conversations and the relationship that Henri and Martin have had Henri has been encouraged to distant himself and his sister from any contact with Martin. Using magic to destroy Martin is also fine.

Cop got bit by a dead person and has died. Looks like it is the work of a necromancer. The biting happened at the Bell Center, Montreal’s arena. Officer took the pulse of the person on the ground who also had a gaping chest wound and then the corpse sat up and bit him.

Bad Night in Montreal

MileStone Day!

Aspects that need exploring:

  • Eskimo Brother
  • Pornographic Memory
  • Nut Cracker
  • Take it Like a Man
  • +1 Skill Rank, Choose one benefit of a minor
  • Switch values with two skills, change stunt for another, purchase a stunt, rename one aspect.
  • Spell Casters may refocus

Interrogation of Jared (continued to fail), Keoki had not luck trying to convince the boy to give info so Henri hired a prostitude to “milk” it out of him. Boy said that everyone was to return to the warehouse (where M’Shai’s body was found). Once the prostitute was done, Keoki left Jared with the biker, because ‘no harm, no foul’.

At the Warehouse

Entering in the gang heard hushed voices and a clatter of metal on concrete. Keoki yelled in, “We’re here”. But nobody answered. Bodies fled in the darkness down into the warehouse. Henri illuminated the warehouse with his magic until the group found the light switch. Virgil flipped the lights and the last switch which had spliced electrical wires to it turned the lights on.

Adam, Virgil and Keoki chase after the boys that fled the warehouse and ran across a large field to a chain link fence. As the trio gave chase, Zeus showed himself in the upstairs office and said something about ‘Cleaning things up’. and fired a bolt of lightning into the various chemical crates on the warehouse floor. The explosions blows the roof off of the warehouse and nearly killed Henri who managed to use his magic and create a forcefield of air to block the flame and fire from washing over him.

Zeus then hovered in the air, rising out of the remnants of the warehouse and pointed to Keoki, “Don’t follow us anymore!” and flew away. Keoki tried to throw a piece of girder at Zeus’s exit but the result was less than terrible, Henri shot Zeus with a 9 power spirit laser, forcing Zeus to take a Moderate Physical Consequence and 5 points of physical stress. In firing off his spirit laser, Henri also suffered a Moderate Mental Consequence.

Rabid Day Parade

Attended the parade that was set up to support Richard Chambers and the motorcycle club. Once the motorcycle club started heading down main street, a large number of street punks pull out items from their backpacks and fire off silver infused tear gas along the parade route.

Henri used his Flatumancer powers to control the air around him and keep the tear gas from the group while Keoki muscles a punk kids from his backpack, gas mask, and tear gas gun. Keoki uses the gas mask to try and help people out of the tear gas but witnesses a biker on the ground struggling with the silver filings that had been mixed in the teargas. The silver filings are aggravating the werewolf’s weakness and causing him and several other lycanthropes to change form into frenzy. Shortly afterwards any of the bikers that were lycanthropes had changed forms and began attacking the citizenry.

Henri kills a werewolf with a magical laser blast. Keoki near kills a werewolf and then throws the limp body down a manhole (in which Virgil was trying to escape down) into the street storm drain. Virgil leaves the scene after seeing the body of the wolf turn into a man, Keoki gets aid from the paramedics, Henri leaves with Adam who grabs an unconscious biker and an unconscious street punk.

Adam goes to Madam Boucheux’s brothel, a woman who owes Adam a favor, and interrogates them to find out what was behind the riot at the parade. Adam tortures the biker and the street punk for information, finding out that the street punk met up with some friends (coordinated by Thomas). The biker is pretty sure that the ruckus was caused by the government trying to breakup the support for the native american movement.

Adam had the gang come to Madam Boucheux’s, making arrangements for Virgil to be busy while the trio once again interrogates the two captives. The warehouse that the punk kid describes is the one that Virgil has used as a shelter and that the cult has used for hook ups.

Virgil’s Fate Points: 3 (+3)

I'm a Real Boy!

Wednesday (Game Time)

News – Break in reported in a machine factory. Same neighborhood where the body of M’Shai was recovered and Keoki had special time with. Drill presses were used and left silver dust and steel shavings were left behind.

Tensions are rising among the native inhabitants and the Canadian occupiers. Bikers are considering a ride-in in protest. Bikers have been siding with the native american.

Dr. LaCreche spoke with Henri Giroux about the identity of a patient of his that went missing and one of the descriptions of the perpetrators who had broken in and vandalized one of the companies warehouses. Requests to have lunch with Henri. Dr. LaCreche describes in vague terms about his interest in Virgil (though no name was given). Henri eventually came to Le Bœuf Noir and told Virgil about the incident causing Virgil to wet his pants.

Mab has sent a messenger (large muttonchop haired man wearing a bright blue shirt and large leather belt). The messenger’s message picked up a bar stool and threw it into the shelves of booze behind the bar.

The gang goes out to a Road Devil (motorcycle gang) campground party. Lots of booze and festivities, the gang is well liked, some of us get lucky and Keoki witnesses a partial transformation of one of the werewolves without fully realizing what he saw.

Richard Chambers and prop #235 – political movement to recognize the rights of the indigenous people.


Henri has a dinner date with his sister, Mademoiselle Giroux. Henri also arranges for a subordinate to meet with the Monsignor to arrange the cathedral for his sister’s wedding. Henri meets Charles Deni for the first time, a stock trader. Deni has an interest in old literature and collecting old books. Demi has also lived for a time in Yorkshire, England. He has collected many fine volumes to his library. Henri has noticed that Deni has some oddities and that he has a air of power to him. Henri also noted that Deni’s handshake was quite chilly. Deni’s past and family line may indicate that he is a vampire of the red court.

Sister’s name is Clarise Giroux (a nice, misunderstood girl).

Virgil has 5 Luck points.

Apocalyptic... as in the Whole Town!

Zeus was compelled to give his blood to the cult leader and after doing so was told that he passed the second test. Zeus was convinced at this time that the cult was evil and that Azazel was an entity to get rid of.

The Black Beef

It’s midnight which means the entire group is present. Zeus and Henri talk about to what degree Zeus’s blood could be used. M’Shai and Henri put their heads together about creating a ritual to protect Zeus from any magical use of Zeus’s blood. Zeus exits to go to the university library to research why a cult of Azazel would want or need blood. Adam pushes Virgil to tail Zeus and not be seen and then speaks to a coven of witches (a group of 13 women patrons). Adam also asks a patron by the name of James (accompanied by 2 women). Adam’s spiel is that there is some type of magical event is happening or will be going to happen in the town and he wants information about it.

Zeus succeeds in a lore roll and senses a supernatural entity that he chooses to follow. The entity walks towards a parking structure and is making his way to meet with a man with a white fedora. Zeus interrupts the two ‘people’ and tries to get them to explain what they are doing by impressing them with a show of power.

The ‘dark man’, unimpressed with the show’ opens his mouth and barks out a bolt of fire that tears through Zeus’s electromagnetic field. M’Shai, Keoki, and Zeus stand strong, Virgil turns and runs back to the Black Beef. All three unleash magic, sword, and baton on the dark man with little affect. The dark man then summoned a whirlwind of fire from the earth to form a shield around him as the whirlwind striking M’Shai and Keoki, driving them back and causing them physical stress.

Zeus draws in his power and fires out bolts of electricity in an attempt to kill the man outright. Absorbing 14 damage causes most of the party to rethink their motives. M’shia manages to learn that the ‘dark man’ has a messenge to deliver.

The Fire elemental burns a whole in the door and tells Adam, ‘YOU have been warned!’ Adam retaliate with a fire extinguisher and wounds the Elemental but the extinguisher gets shot out of his hands.

Rabbi, Catholic Priest, Imam (priority list for anti-Fallen Angel), Zeus continues to the university library to research blood rituals for Azazel (finds nothing), attempts an Internet search (and finds nothing).

Get Her, Ray!

Newspaper article talks about a streak of random tear gassing of public areas. Basketball court was fired upon with a tear gas canister and caused an uproar. Another canister was shot into a mall, striking a person, and causing a panic inside the mall.

Zeus distrusts the information that M’Shai has given to the group about Azazel or about who Azazel is. He doesn’t want to take M’Shai’s motives on face value so he spends his time investigating what he can find out on Azazel. User groups searches reveals online information about Azazel raves. Actual information is encrypted (not obvious, need to go thru a vetting process before the actual location/information before). Emailed several groups, a response finally is sent and tells him to come to the corner of Spruce and Emery at midnight.

Virgil was sent into the Chinese restaurant to watch for Elise and take notes. Virgil sneaked in (in rat form) and watched with no findings until Keoki came in to check on him. Virgil missed seeing anything of note (zero successes) when a shipment of crates came in and were hand carried down the stairs to the lower levels. Virgil reported back his lack of findings and volunteered to go back and ask for Elise, in person. Virgil was told that no Elise ever worked there and that they don’t hire white people, ‘too lazy’. Virgil left, feeling that his story of being paid $5 to ask for her so that ‘this guy’ can get his shirt back was left in tact.

Elise’s old apartment

Keoki climbs up to the second floor and looks into the living room. Sitting on a black beyond black couch is a dark skinned, bald man wearing shades. Keoki climbs back down, gives M’Shai and Virgil the skinny. Virgil offers to try the ‘guy paid me money to get his shirt back’ routine. After second knock the door opens and a southern voice welcomes me/us in. Unbeknownst to Virgil, Keoki and M’Shai also came into the building and walked into the apartment.

M’shia asked the black man if Elise lived here and in response the man said that he was waiting for Keoki. Hearing his name Keoki barges into the house and enters into the doorway into the living room. Upon his entering the front door closes and some type of mystical glyph triggers and ‘seals’? the door behind him. Once Keoki is in the doorway of the living room the black couch separates into two black shadow panther-type cats while the black man continues to remain in a siting position in mid air.

Virgil runs to the kitchen and attempts to open the window to escape, Keoki performs a Hakka in challenge while one of the shadow cats attack M’Shai. It should be noted that Keoki’s initial intimidation roll started by him ripping his pants upon his first foot stomp and then erupting into a loud coughing fit as he tried to shout his first ‘Ha!’. Luckily for Keoki he was able to use his aspect ‘Is that a Challenge’ and reroll the miserable failure. M’shai moved to attack the black man and cut his form into two parts, providing proof that the black man was not a normal human. The two cats and the man had apparently been created by ectoplasm by some sort of supernatural power and once they were damaged past a certain point, they dissipated into smoke.

M’Shai began searching in the apartment and found some hairs in the corner of the couch. The front door was still locked and the magical ward was still powered. Kook uses his extendable baton against the sliding glass door, breaking it, and alarming a woman on the sidewalk. Everyone dashes from the apartment and runs away with plenty of witnesses watching.

Zeus prepares to meet with the Azazel Larpers while Virgil sets himself up as a lookout and M’Shai and Keoki stay a few blocks away. Crossroads (Club with Gold Violin on its side). Zeus arrives 15 minutes early but no one shows up until later at 12:10. 3 kids show up in a low rider car, asks if Zeus is carrying and then for the secret of the universe. The talker tells Zeus to get into the car and then they drive off towards the suburbs. Virgil then returns to M’Shai and Keoki to give them what he saw.

The talker then asks Zeus his name and then, upon hearing it, asks Zeus if he is a god. Zeus fails the pop culture reference and says ‘should I be?’ They tell Zeus that Azazel is the ‘Bringer of Chaos’. The talker explains a little bit about Azazel to the group and after mentioning Azazel’s aspect of chaos, he unrolls a black carpet on the table to reveal a number of sharp, iron, farm implements. He then picks one up and then challenges the group to determine who is the most in tune with Chaos. The other newbie members dive in the darkness for weapons and begin skirmishing amongst one another. To the soundtrack of Kirk vs. Spock Fight music Zeus repels the iron weapons with an electromagnetic field. Proclaiming to the darkness if they think they can claim to know chaos better then activates a shield spell. Most of the kids are on the ground wounded, a few others are still standing and holding weapons.

The Trail of Azazel

Neugenics Medical Warehouse

Woman leads a ritual, magical in nature with human blood sacrifices and sexual acts. She had about 12 guys service her and participate.

Gray satchels with the serial number 10-79A on them. Handed out of the back of the hooded woman’s car.

Went to Le Bœuf Noir Where the entire group got together. PCs meet, Azazel info is distributed albeit somewhat inaccurate. Virgil claims that the girl is Azazel.


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