Dresden: Montreal

Zombie Stomp

Adam aka Archard Le Roche was visiting his friends brothel when we met face to spirit with some ghostly clown form (with an asian aspect) that floated high in the air. The ghostly clown pronounced ‘Shame’ on Adam, who was stricken with self loathing knowing that had he had a grandmother, she would have been ashamed of Adam.

Adam braced himself and tried to fight off the affect of the ghost and remove the spirit from the brothel. Adam managed to remove the spirit and then found out that the spirit had arrived in the morning and had been harassing Madam Boucheux. Boucheux mentioned that the Chinese had kept coming around so the implication was there that the Chinese Tong were not leaving the smaller businesses in the area around.

Virgil and Henri ditched Henri’s car in a treed area outside of the busy city areas. The gang all meet up and get Adam up to date. Adam takes the group to the Madam’s brothel for counsel.

Virgil managed to do some reconnoissance via air ducts inside the Moonlight Lounge. He found that the nightclub was full and music was playing on the main level where there were still dancers enjoying themselves. In the lower level Virgil found that there was a room where people were kept in captivity that smelled of blood and feces. He witnessed people being ‘eaten’ by vampires but was unable to find out the location of Clarise primarily because the lights were turned off or too dark for him to make anything out.



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