Dresden: Montreal

Rabid Day Parade

Attended the parade that was set up to support Richard Chambers and the motorcycle club. Once the motorcycle club started heading down main street, a large number of street punks pull out items from their backpacks and fire off silver infused tear gas along the parade route.

Henri used his Flatumancer powers to control the air around him and keep the tear gas from the group while Keoki muscles a punk kids from his backpack, gas mask, and tear gas gun. Keoki uses the gas mask to try and help people out of the tear gas but witnesses a biker on the ground struggling with the silver filings that had been mixed in the teargas. The silver filings are aggravating the werewolf’s weakness and causing him and several other lycanthropes to change form into frenzy. Shortly afterwards any of the bikers that were lycanthropes had changed forms and began attacking the citizenry.

Henri kills a werewolf with a magical laser blast. Keoki near kills a werewolf and then throws the limp body down a manhole (in which Virgil was trying to escape down) into the street storm drain. Virgil leaves the scene after seeing the body of the wolf turn into a man, Keoki gets aid from the paramedics, Henri leaves with Adam who grabs an unconscious biker and an unconscious street punk.

Adam goes to Madam Boucheux’s brothel, a woman who owes Adam a favor, and interrogates them to find out what was behind the riot at the parade. Adam tortures the biker and the street punk for information, finding out that the street punk met up with some friends (coordinated by Thomas). The biker is pretty sure that the ruckus was caused by the government trying to breakup the support for the native american movement.

Adam had the gang come to Madam Boucheux’s, making arrangements for Virgil to be busy while the trio once again interrogates the two captives. The warehouse that the punk kid describes is the one that Virgil has used as a shelter and that the cult has used for hook ups.

Virgil’s Fate Points: 3 (+3)



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