Dresden: Montreal

I'm a Real Boy!

Wednesday (Game Time)

News – Break in reported in a machine factory. Same neighborhood where the body of M’Shai was recovered and Keoki had special time with. Drill presses were used and left silver dust and steel shavings were left behind.

Tensions are rising among the native inhabitants and the Canadian occupiers. Bikers are considering a ride-in in protest. Bikers have been siding with the native american.

Dr. LaCreche spoke with Henri Giroux about the identity of a patient of his that went missing and one of the descriptions of the perpetrators who had broken in and vandalized one of the companies warehouses. Requests to have lunch with Henri. Dr. LaCreche describes in vague terms about his interest in Virgil (though no name was given). Henri eventually came to Le Bœuf Noir and told Virgil about the incident causing Virgil to wet his pants.

Mab has sent a messenger (large muttonchop haired man wearing a bright blue shirt and large leather belt). The messenger’s message picked up a bar stool and threw it into the shelves of booze behind the bar.

The gang goes out to a Road Devil (motorcycle gang) campground party. Lots of booze and festivities, the gang is well liked, some of us get lucky and Keoki witnesses a partial transformation of one of the werewolves without fully realizing what he saw.

Richard Chambers and prop #235 – political movement to recognize the rights of the indigenous people.


Henri has a dinner date with his sister, Mademoiselle Giroux. Henri also arranges for a subordinate to meet with the Monsignor to arrange the cathedral for his sister’s wedding. Henri meets Charles Deni for the first time, a stock trader. Deni has an interest in old literature and collecting old books. Demi has also lived for a time in Yorkshire, England. He has collected many fine volumes to his library. Henri has noticed that Deni has some oddities and that he has a air of power to him. Henri also noted that Deni’s handshake was quite chilly. Deni’s past and family line may indicate that he is a vampire of the red court.

Sister’s name is Clarise Giroux (a nice, misunderstood girl).

Virgil has 5 Luck points.



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