Dresden: Montreal

Get Her, Ray!

Newspaper article talks about a streak of random tear gassing of public areas. Basketball court was fired upon with a tear gas canister and caused an uproar. Another canister was shot into a mall, striking a person, and causing a panic inside the mall.

Zeus distrusts the information that M’Shai has given to the group about Azazel or about who Azazel is. He doesn’t want to take M’Shai’s motives on face value so he spends his time investigating what he can find out on Azazel. User groups searches reveals online information about Azazel raves. Actual information is encrypted (not obvious, need to go thru a vetting process before the actual location/information before). Emailed several groups, a response finally is sent and tells him to come to the corner of Spruce and Emery at midnight.

Virgil was sent into the Chinese restaurant to watch for Elise and take notes. Virgil sneaked in (in rat form) and watched with no findings until Keoki came in to check on him. Virgil missed seeing anything of note (zero successes) when a shipment of crates came in and were hand carried down the stairs to the lower levels. Virgil reported back his lack of findings and volunteered to go back and ask for Elise, in person. Virgil was told that no Elise ever worked there and that they don’t hire white people, ‘too lazy’. Virgil left, feeling that his story of being paid $5 to ask for her so that ‘this guy’ can get his shirt back was left in tact.

Elise’s old apartment

Keoki climbs up to the second floor and looks into the living room. Sitting on a black beyond black couch is a dark skinned, bald man wearing shades. Keoki climbs back down, gives M’Shai and Virgil the skinny. Virgil offers to try the ‘guy paid me money to get his shirt back’ routine. After second knock the door opens and a southern voice welcomes me/us in. Unbeknownst to Virgil, Keoki and M’Shai also came into the building and walked into the apartment.

M’shia asked the black man if Elise lived here and in response the man said that he was waiting for Keoki. Hearing his name Keoki barges into the house and enters into the doorway into the living room. Upon his entering the front door closes and some type of mystical glyph triggers and ‘seals’? the door behind him. Once Keoki is in the doorway of the living room the black couch separates into two black shadow panther-type cats while the black man continues to remain in a siting position in mid air.

Virgil runs to the kitchen and attempts to open the window to escape, Keoki performs a Hakka in challenge while one of the shadow cats attack M’Shai. It should be noted that Keoki’s initial intimidation roll started by him ripping his pants upon his first foot stomp and then erupting into a loud coughing fit as he tried to shout his first ‘Ha!’. Luckily for Keoki he was able to use his aspect ‘Is that a Challenge’ and reroll the miserable failure. M’shai moved to attack the black man and cut his form into two parts, providing proof that the black man was not a normal human. The two cats and the man had apparently been created by ectoplasm by some sort of supernatural power and once they were damaged past a certain point, they dissipated into smoke.

M’Shai began searching in the apartment and found some hairs in the corner of the couch. The front door was still locked and the magical ward was still powered. Kook uses his extendable baton against the sliding glass door, breaking it, and alarming a woman on the sidewalk. Everyone dashes from the apartment and runs away with plenty of witnesses watching.

Zeus prepares to meet with the Azazel Larpers while Virgil sets himself up as a lookout and M’Shai and Keoki stay a few blocks away. Crossroads (Club with Gold Violin on its side). Zeus arrives 15 minutes early but no one shows up until later at 12:10. 3 kids show up in a low rider car, asks if Zeus is carrying and then for the secret of the universe. The talker tells Zeus to get into the car and then they drive off towards the suburbs. Virgil then returns to M’Shai and Keoki to give them what he saw.

The talker then asks Zeus his name and then, upon hearing it, asks Zeus if he is a god. Zeus fails the pop culture reference and says ‘should I be?’ They tell Zeus that Azazel is the ‘Bringer of Chaos’. The talker explains a little bit about Azazel to the group and after mentioning Azazel’s aspect of chaos, he unrolls a black carpet on the table to reveal a number of sharp, iron, farm implements. He then picks one up and then challenges the group to determine who is the most in tune with Chaos. The other newbie members dive in the darkness for weapons and begin skirmishing amongst one another. To the soundtrack of Kirk vs. Spock Fight music Zeus repels the iron weapons with an electromagnetic field. Proclaiming to the darkness if they think they can claim to know chaos better then activates a shield spell. Most of the kids are on the ground wounded, a few others are still standing and holding weapons.



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