Dresden: Montreal

Dumpster Diving for Clarice

Moonlight Lounge showed up on Clarice’s car’s GPS as a location that she had frequented. Henri Giroux also tracked down were Daniel, the security guard lived at 1212 Deveroux, Apt. #235 Lothar, Quebec, Canada and finally receives Daniel’s phone number. Daniel explained that he will need some things from Best Buy to facilitate his hacking into his sister’s computer. Keoki is directed to go with him while Virgil returns to the Giroux estate so work up some thaumaturgy.

Henri casted a divination and located his sister through a type of protection at a bar called the Moonlight Lounge. Virgil is asked to drive Henri to pick up Keoki and find out what Daniel has gleamed from Clarice’s computer. At a stop light a zombie drops onto the hood of the car. Virgil punches the ignition, throwing the zombie’s punch, aimed at the windshield, off enough to break and throw the zombie from the hood of the car. Virgil then punched the ignition and drove over the zombie, and was struck by incoming traffic. Managing to regain control of the car, Virgil managed to keep from crashing but had to stop before running into a wall. The zombie chased and through a series of mishap driving rolls the zombie managed to regain a grip onto the hood and attempt to punch the windshield again. During the scene, Henri managed to use his magic and blast the zombie to pieces after a number of rounds. The zombie had symbols written on him in plaster. After having killed the zombie, Henri told Virgil to throw the body into the trunk while Henri took a sample from the corpse.

Henri drew a magic circle around the corpse to break the bond the zombie would have had to a supposed Necromancer.

Moonlight Lounge has been around for over a century. Always called the Moonlight Lounge but has gone through various owners and managements. Webpage shows it as a dance place, big name celebrities will perform there, etc. It is open from 9 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Henri reached out to Jenni and plans on using the Necromancer connection to garner some support when he moves on the Vampire coven.



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