Dresden: Montreal

Bro's and KO's

Henri received a call from his brother-in-law-to-be, Martin. Martin wants to improve his relations with Henri and the family. He asked that maybe they can all get together an have dinner some time. Following the conversation Henri gets a call from his brother who is also interested in why Martin seems to be so interested in the family business. Rick, a family lawyer, is very interested in having Martin become a member of the family business so Henri’s brother asked if Henri could use the ‘family religion’ to see if Rick had been compromised in any way.

Keoki had a boxing match with his God Maru. Maru was a formidable opponent and made sure Keoki new his human form was not to be reckoned. Maru was upset that Keoki allowed the demon woman to take his powers. He claimed that she would use his ‘mojo’ for things that he did not want his power to be used for.

Mary, a witch, took an interest in Virgil after having dropped her drink. She was forward enough to ask how to contact Virgil and so he made sure she had Archard’s restaurant’s phone number.

Archard was approached by a chinese man who offered Archard an expensive vase and a case of gold coins as peace offering to keep Archard out of the chinese turf. Archard turned it down on the basis of morality. Virgil and Archard had a conversation pertaining to ethics and money. Archard staunchly defended his stance not to be bought off but was not able to convince the young street urchin that ‘selling out’ for over a million dollars was not without its benefits.

Henri found out that any relationship with a Red Court Vampire is cause for penalty by the white mages. After finding out the extent of the conversations and the relationship that Henri and Martin have had Henri has been encouraged to distant himself and his sister from any contact with Martin. Using magic to destroy Martin is also fine.

Cop got bit by a dead person and has died. Looks like it is the work of a necromancer. The biting happened at the Bell Center, Montreal’s arena. Officer took the pulse of the person on the ground who also had a gaping chest wound and then the corpse sat up and bit him.



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