Dresden: Montreal

Breaking up a Wedding

Henri Giroux gave us the info on what he knows of Red Court Vampires and expressed his need to break up the wedding between his sister and Martin.

Some young men enter into Virgil presenting Henri a flower arrangements made out of tulips. A representative of Martin was instructed to deliver this gift basket to Henri. Mangos from his home village, Saragossa. Found out after the fact that they, too, were Red Court Vampires. Virgil interceded the ‘gift’ and saw that some napkins were bound with a silver ring and a gold ring inset with gems but Henri told him to leave it alone and then afterwards burned the gift basket.

Gift basket, loaded with lotions, white tulips, white chocolates. Some napkins/papers with silver rings, one of the napkins has gold ring laden with gemstones. Keoki went out with the 4 red court vampires to take them out on the town.

Excelsior Apartments, 10th floor – Clarise’s Apartment. Looked for clues of her where-abouts. Found that her car keys were there, purse and phone were missing. No sign of struggle tho some jewelry was missing. Virgil then mentioned the rings that were in the gift basket so Henri felt he’d need to get someone to sift thru the garbage and find the rings. Checked out her car and found nothing, tho Virgil did check up the GPS system and get a list of addresses where the car was located.



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