Dresden: Montreal

Bad Night in Montreal

MileStone Day!

Aspects that need exploring:

  • Eskimo Brother
  • Pornographic Memory
  • Nut Cracker
  • Take it Like a Man
  • +1 Skill Rank, Choose one benefit of a minor
  • Switch values with two skills, change stunt for another, purchase a stunt, rename one aspect.
  • Spell Casters may refocus

Interrogation of Jared (continued to fail), Keoki had not luck trying to convince the boy to give info so Henri hired a prostitude to “milk” it out of him. Boy said that everyone was to return to the warehouse (where M’Shai’s body was found). Once the prostitute was done, Keoki left Jared with the biker, because ‘no harm, no foul’.

At the Warehouse

Entering in the gang heard hushed voices and a clatter of metal on concrete. Keoki yelled in, “We’re here”. But nobody answered. Bodies fled in the darkness down into the warehouse. Henri illuminated the warehouse with his magic until the group found the light switch. Virgil flipped the lights and the last switch which had spliced electrical wires to it turned the lights on.

Adam, Virgil and Keoki chase after the boys that fled the warehouse and ran across a large field to a chain link fence. As the trio gave chase, Zeus showed himself in the upstairs office and said something about ‘Cleaning things up’. and fired a bolt of lightning into the various chemical crates on the warehouse floor. The explosions blows the roof off of the warehouse and nearly killed Henri who managed to use his magic and create a forcefield of air to block the flame and fire from washing over him.

Zeus then hovered in the air, rising out of the remnants of the warehouse and pointed to Keoki, “Don’t follow us anymore!” and flew away. Keoki tried to throw a piece of girder at Zeus’s exit but the result was less than terrible, Henri shot Zeus with a 9 power spirit laser, forcing Zeus to take a Moderate Physical Consequence and 5 points of physical stress. In firing off his spirit laser, Henri also suffered a Moderate Mental Consequence.



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