Dresden: Montreal

Apocalyptic... as in the Whole Town!

Zeus was compelled to give his blood to the cult leader and after doing so was told that he passed the second test. Zeus was convinced at this time that the cult was evil and that Azazel was an entity to get rid of.

The Black Beef

It’s midnight which means the entire group is present. Zeus and Henri talk about to what degree Zeus’s blood could be used. M’Shai and Henri put their heads together about creating a ritual to protect Zeus from any magical use of Zeus’s blood. Zeus exits to go to the university library to research why a cult of Azazel would want or need blood. Adam pushes Virgil to tail Zeus and not be seen and then speaks to a coven of witches (a group of 13 women patrons). Adam also asks a patron by the name of James (accompanied by 2 women). Adam’s spiel is that there is some type of magical event is happening or will be going to happen in the town and he wants information about it.

Zeus succeeds in a lore roll and senses a supernatural entity that he chooses to follow. The entity walks towards a parking structure and is making his way to meet with a man with a white fedora. Zeus interrupts the two ‘people’ and tries to get them to explain what they are doing by impressing them with a show of power.

The ‘dark man’, unimpressed with the show’ opens his mouth and barks out a bolt of fire that tears through Zeus’s electromagnetic field. M’Shai, Keoki, and Zeus stand strong, Virgil turns and runs back to the Black Beef. All three unleash magic, sword, and baton on the dark man with little affect. The dark man then summoned a whirlwind of fire from the earth to form a shield around him as the whirlwind striking M’Shai and Keoki, driving them back and causing them physical stress.

Zeus draws in his power and fires out bolts of electricity in an attempt to kill the man outright. Absorbing 14 damage causes most of the party to rethink their motives. M’shia manages to learn that the ‘dark man’ has a messenge to deliver.

The Fire elemental burns a whole in the door and tells Adam, ‘YOU have been warned!’ Adam retaliate with a fire extinguisher and wounds the Elemental but the extinguisher gets shot out of his hands.

Rabbi, Catholic Priest, Imam (priority list for anti-Fallen Angel), Zeus continues to the university library to research blood rituals for Azazel (finds nothing), attempts an Internet search (and finds nothing).



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